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  • Sourcing new loan products for you that best suit your needs.
  • Help with refinancing existing debts to make life more enjoyable.
  • Assist with renegotiating rates with your current lenders.
  • Yes We Do - Business Loans, Self-Employed Loans, Lo-Doc Loans, Personal Loans

If You Need a Loan of any Type or Size- Ask Us!

What Service Does A Mortgage & Finance Broker Offer?

At RedCap Finance Brokers our brokers are suitably licenced, experienced credit & finance advisors who provide professional credit advice that is in your best interest whether it is for personal lending, home mortgages, business lending, refinancing, and so much more.

  • We Help You To Get The Right Loan For Your Needs!
  • We Help You Get The Money Required & Make Sure That Loan Works For You!

Sadly, most people assume that the bank/lender wouldn’t loan them money if they couldn’t afford to repay it. They think banks are assessing their risk; when in fact they are assessing the lender’s risk.

We help you do your Due Diligence to protect your interests.

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Your Need + Our Credit Advice Expertise.

Our team is committed to strategies that not only define success, but make the process of understanding what the Lender Needs and What you the borrower wants - EZ!

We help get you the best loan for your needs!

Many people shop around for a loan with the lowest interest rate - But this loan may not be in your best interest - in fact it may actually harm your future plans!

As FINANCE BROKERS... We help you search for the right loan that best suits your needs from over 120 lenders in the marketplace.

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Construction loans for home builders or home renovators

The building or renovating of your home is a significant undertaking, but all the stresses and hard work will be worth it once your dream home or renovation is complete.

While these new build projects can be costly and often drawn out, RedCap Finance Brokers can lend a hand with construction loan resources and solutions specially designed for new home builders, developers, and home renovators.

When it comes to building or renovating, there are two approaches you can take.

  • One way is to engage a registered building contractor who will project-manage the completion of all works on your behalf, working to a QBCC-approved fixed price building contract, or
  • Two, you might carry out the work yourself and project-manage as an owner-builder.

Whatever construction method you choose, each will have a different set of requirements for the loan process and the type of loan you can apply for.

With our expertise, specialist advice, and a range of funding options, we can help you find the most suitable construction loan to fit your needs.

Our experienced mortgage brokers will step you through the process and find the best loan to support your objectives.

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Meeting with a RedCap Mortgage & Finance Broker

  • Bring your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves in your loan product.
  • Ask questions. Lots of them. Get the broker to explain how each loan option works, what it costs and why this feature was recommended to you. If you are not happy with any option, ask the broker to find a more suitable alternative.
  • You don't have to take the first loan you're offered. You may have a preference for a particular lender, such as your current bank. Ask to see loans from other lenders as well, so you can compare.
  • A home loan is a long-term debt, so even a small difference in interest adds up over time. If you can get a lower interest rate from another lender, you could save thousands of dollars

You get a Written Quote from your RedCap Finance Broker

After doing a comprehensive fact find and initial assessment, your RedCap Finance Broker will give you a Written Quote - BEFORE you sign a lenders application for a loan.

A written quote tells you the:

  • type of loan
  • loan amount
  • loan term (duration)
  • current interest rate at time of application
  • fees you have to pay (for example:- broker's fee, loan application fee, ongoing fees, lender clawback fees, or any other third party fees (if known).
  • any fees NOT paid by you but may be paid by the broker to an APPROVED referral partner


  • Make sure you are comfortable with what you're agreeing to! More importantly - that you understand what you are agreeing to! If you feel that you are not fully informed, then... Ask more questions of your RedCap Finance Broker if there's anything you are not sure about.
  • Never sign blank forms or leave details for the broker to fill in later.
  • RedCap Finance Brokers RECOMMEND that all applicants get independent Financial and/or Legal Advice to understand the real ramifications of entering into a binding agreement BEFORE signing any legal document applying for or formally agreeing to accept a finance offer.
  • If you feel you're being pressured into signing a binding agreement on a particular loan product - STOP, ask for more time to think about the decision you are about to make, or simply ask if another broker is available to assist you going forward.

Applying for the right loan - Personal or Business

The basic principles remain the same whether applying for a home loan or a business loan!

When looking for a good deal on a home loan (mortgage), for some people - the interest rate matters the most! A home loan is a long-term debt, so even a small difference in interest adds up to a lot over time (especially if only paying the minimum repayment amount over the full term period); conversely a loan that suits your purposes better (even if it is at a higher interest rate), paid over a shorter period may in fact actually cost you less! This is why it is important to apply for the right loan product that is most suitable for your individual situation.

Most Lenders offer Home loans with different options and features. Some of these products can offer payment flexibility to let you pay off your loan faster. Some product options could cost you more! Make sure the lender's product feature/s offered to you are actually worth the extra cost.

Extra Mortgage features & frills may come at a cost to you

Home loans with more options (frills) or features can come at a higher cost. These could include an offset account, redraw, or line of credit facilities. Most are ways of putting extra money into your loan to reduce the amount of interest you pay.

Get the shortest loan term you can comfortably afford to repay

Your loan term is how long it will take for you to pay off the loan. It impacts the size of your mortgage repayments and how much interest you'll ultimately pay.

A shorter loan term (for example, 15 years) means higher repayments, but you'll pay a lot less in interest.

A longer loan term (for example, 40 years) means lower repayments, but you'll pay a lot more in interest.

Aim for the loan with the MOST SUITABLE FEATURES (e.g. lowest interest rate) that suits your purposes.

An interest rate even 0.5% lower might save you thousands of dollars over time - it all depends on how you conduct your repayment responsibilities.

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BUSINESS LOANS - Secured & Unsecured

Fast Flexible SECURED Business Funding

Are You A business owner who needs immediate access to funds?

You simply can’t wait the 6 – 8 weeks that a bank or traditional lender takes, as you urgently need to get your hands on $20,000 up to $2m, by tomorrow.

Plus, what if you don’t have financial records, or you have a bad credit history? Then a short term business loan may be the answer for you.

Fast. Easy. Efficient. Loans for Business.

SHORT TERM BUSINESS LOANS are generally taken out by people who need access to funds very quickly (over a short time of generally no longer than 1 – 10 months). Money is lent for any worthwhile commercial or commercial investment purpose.

 12 Month 2nd MORTGAGES are a 12 month ‘interest only’ business loan. These are prefect if you need more time than our short term loan has to offer, but you don’t want the financial burden of paying principal & interest.

In addition, we are one of the only short term lenders who will lend money on property located anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.


UNSECURED Business Loans

What is an unsecured business loan?

Many business owners need to secure a business loan to get them started, or to purchase equipment that will help their business grow sustainably.

There are plenty of reasons why people apply for an unsecured business loans. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve decided a business loan could be right for you. 

But what kind of business loan should you apply for? We’ve taken a moment to dig deeper into the world of unsecured business loans.

Is an unsecured business loan right for me?

An unsecured loan tends to suit business owners who do not have collateral to leverage against a secured business loan. However, if you are needing to apply for an unsecured business loan - they do attract higher interest rates; as lenders perceive unsecured loans to be a greater risk for them. (Increased rate for increased risk)

If a borrower does default on an unsecured loan, the lender cannot seize property (or any other asset) to recoup their lost funds. This is why higher interest rates apply to loans that are unsecured. 

This doesn’t mean unsecured business loans have no good use. Business owners who are experiencing cash flow issues may secure small amounts of funding to help keep the wheels of their business turning.

Rather than applying for a large amount of up to $500,000, business owners can consider securing smaller loans to cover things like purchasing stock, ordering, supplier debts, or even paying wages.

These smaller unsecured loans are ideal when cash is expected, but hasn’t come in yet, as these funds can be promptly applied to payout your loan repayment when the funds do enter the business. 

Many businesses find this to be a good way to deal with cash flow issues. 

Unsecured Business Loans Inquire Here

How to work with a Credit & Finance Advisor to get a better home loan or finance deal!

With many lenders to choose from, you may decide to get help from a mortgage & finance advisor. We help You to ask the right questions to get a home loan or finance deal that meets your needs and is value for money.

A good broker works with you to:

  • Understand YOUR needs and goals.
  • Work out what you can comfortably afford to borrow.
  • Find "not unsuitable" options that will meet the criteria of your situation.
  • Explain how each loan works and what it costs (for example, interest rate, features, and fees).
  • Once you have chosen your loan product, a RedCap Finance Broker will assist you to apply for that loan and manage the process through to settlement.