Need a personal loan to buy car, boat or bike?

RedCap Finance Brokers and EZ Finance can organise finance through many banks & Lenders who offer Personal Loans for almost any purchase or reason. With Personal Loan limits normally up to $50,000, some of our Personal Loan Lenders are cheaper than the major banks! Personal Loan applicants are normally qualified based on their credit files. The better your credit file, the cheaper the interest rate.

​So, even if you have a poor credit file (eg: credit default) you still may qualify for a personal loan, but it will be at a higher interest rate! Contact us now to find out more!

Cars, Trucks, Vehicle Finance

We arrange consumer loans and commercial loans for all sorts of cars and 4wd vehicles. For new cars and cars up to 3 years old, our rates are the most competitive. Banks and finance companies really want to lend for this purpose. It doesn’t mater whether you buy a prestige car, a family car or a sports car – we will ensure you will have the best loan because that is what we do.

Yes we have lenders who will do Share-ride vehicle (e.g. Uber) finance.

Boat Finance

Is it a tinny, jet-ski, or are you after a larger vessel? We understand boats and have some of the best financiers on our panel. Boating is one of Australia’s favourite past times, so get your finance now!

Motorbike Finance

Can be for new or used bike – speak with our friendly finance consultants and you will see that not only will you get a great loan, you will be talking to motorbike enthusiasts. Road bikes, off road bikes, scooters, sports bikes – we finance them all.

Aircraft Finance - Personal Use (& Business Purpose Loans available as well)

Aircraft finance - we can supply a competitive finance quote for planes, helicopters, jets, light aircraft, engines and more! We also find and provide finance for ground equipment such as hangars, fuel storage / delivery vehicle, and aircraft tugs. Please contact us for more information so we can better cater a quote for your exact situation.

Home Deposit Gap Finance

Have a great income, but a little short on the required deposit to get your home loan? Good news, we have a lender that allows personal loans for this purpose - so you can get the home of your dreams sooner!

Rent Deposit Loan

Need a personal loan to get the 4 weeks rent and 2 weeks upfront rent so you can rent your own home - we can help!

Medical / Dental Purpose Loans

Need help paying your medical / dental bill or quote - we have personal loans for that as well.

Other Personal Purposes

We source a range of secured and unsecured personal loans designed to suit your needs. Whether it's for a car, a boat, a holiday, debt consolidation, medical bills or something completely different, we find a Personal Loan that best suits your needs.

If its not listed above - ask us if we may be able to help you.

If you need a personal loan and need it fast, inquire now.

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